The Hiring MRI

What is the Hiring MRI?

“The Hiring MRI is a predictive science that can actually measure how your job candidate will perform… and what their specific problems areas are (or RISKS) will be… so you can make great hiring decisions. It can also be used on current staff, when you want to know why they perform as they do, what to do about it or how to improve performance and team communication generally. 

The science was nominated for a Nobel prize and reveals things no other tool can. It is used all over the world to help businesses owners lower turnover, block bad hires, know who to hire, how to manage them and improve performance.”

How does it work? How is it different from tools like DISC or Meyer’s Briggs?

“The Hiring MRI is NOT a personality or behavioral profile.  Instead, it actually measures how people think, how they make decisions, what they naturally see and don’t see and the clarity of their thinking (judgment).  It captures their true biases… which determine how we will perform, our attitudes, motivators, stressors, work-ethic, how we treat others, and more. Employers love the Hiring MRI because it also reveals what a candidate’s top problem areas will be. This helps you prevent hiring mistakes.

Another important difference is that it’s not a self-assessment. There are no questions on the Hiring MRI.  The person is simply asked to rank 18 seemingly random statements or items, from best to worst. This is repeated with a second set of 18 items. It’s done online and only takes about 15 minutes.”

What does it reveal?  What will I learn?

“You will know a person’s work-ethic, attitudes, stressors, motivators, how they value and treat others (empathy), persistence, potential health/tension issues, whether the person is goal oriented, follows rules and policies, is susceptible to inappropriate behavior, if they’re in a holding pattern and won’t perform or push ahead consistently, and much more., and more.

The report is also an interview guide.  Based on the key risks that are identified, the report provides some suggested questions for a second interview.  Candidates are often shocked at what you know about them — and are not sure how you know it!

How does it get people to reveal their top risk areas?

“This is a key difference of the Hiring MRItm.

Self assessments have people answer questions about themselves, which is why they don’t tell you the risks. The Hiring MRI measures thinking, judgement and biases… and it does this without the person knowing it. Because there are no questions, the person really has no way of knowing what’s being measured. They can’t ‘game’ it. They are often curious about the exercise because they can’t understand how it would reveal anything about them!

Who is using the Hiring MRItm?

“This science is being used inside the Fortune 500, government (including intelligence and defense) and even professional sports. Today, it has expanded to small professional practices where making the right hiring decisions is critical.”

What are the different ways I can use it?

HIRING SCREENS… The Hiring MRItm can be used to help determine whether to hire someone, which candidate is best and how to manage them.  Different reports can be run for general hires, CA’s, managers, associates, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, sales people and more.

UNDERSTANDING/IMPROVING STAFF PERFORMANCE… Many managers use it on their CURRENT employees to better understand how they think, why they perform as they do and how to manage them better.. or even whether they should promote them to other roles in the office.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT… Many take it because they want to understand their own thinking, their biases and development areas so they can be aware of these things and improve their own performance. Note: It really helps to have YOUR profile results before helping you make hiring or promotion decisions… because I better understand your thinking style and what you need (and don’t need!) in terms of support.

How does your service work?

“There are 3 simple steps…

  1. We set you up with a login and password which you’ll forward to your candidates (or staff) to take the MRI.
  2. You get a a simple 5-page risk-analysis on your candidate, including interview suggestions.
  3. I personally discuss each candidate’s results with you over the phone and help you make a great hiring or management decision!


Also Used By…

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"...find the right person on the first try"

As a busy foot and ankle surgeon I often use MRIs to help me get to the root of a patients pain. It gives me the ability to look under the skin at see what is really going on. It shows me what may not be apparent with my exam and x-rays. I am usually very confident about my ability to diagnose problems. Sometimes the MRI confirms what I already know. Sometimes I am surprised by what I find.

The hiring MRI works the same way. Like most people I think I am pretty good at interviewing and figuring out who will be a good fit for my business and who may not. The Hiring MRI helps me look a little deeper and see what a person is really like ...what they think and believe. It is really remarkable when you use it and then ask some questions and people say "how did you know that about me?"

The hiring MRI will help you find the type of person you need for the position you need them in. Sometimes it will just confirm you have made a good choice. A good employee is hard to find and I appreciate having a new tool in my bag to find the right person on the first try.

Nashville, TN