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"...find the right person on the first try"

As a busy foot and ankle surgeon I often use MRIs to help me get to the root of a patients pain. It gives me the ability to look under the skin at see what is really going on. It shows me what may not be apparent with my exam and x-rays. I am usually very confident about my ability to diagnose problems. Sometimes the MRI confirms what I already know. Sometimes I am surprised by what I find.

The Performance MRI works the same way. Like most people I think I am pretty good at interviewing and figuring out who will be a good fit for my business and who may not. The Performance MRI helps me look a little deeper and see what a person is really like ...what they think and believe. It is really remarkable when you use it and then ask some questions and people say "how did you know that about me?"

The Performance MRI will help you find the type of person you need for the position you need them in. Sometimes it will just confirm you have made a good choice. A good employee is hard to find and I appreciate having a new tool in my bag to find the right person on the first try.

Nashville, TN