rem“The best hiring resource I’ve seen in my 30-year career.

I wouldn't think of hiring without it.”

CEO, Top Practices

Untitled-1“I’ve personally experienced it and it's impressive!

It makes hiring decisions easy and reduces your risk. I recommend it to all of our clients.”

Untitled-3“I was needing to hire a new front-office person when I discovered Jeff's webinar on Hiring. I was curious to know how, without asking any questions, the instrument could accurately predict how my candidate would actually perform and what I might have to 'put up with.
When I heard it was based on Nobel-nominated research - I had to know more!

This whole experience was amazing! I was in awe at how accurate the MRI results were for me... and for each of my staff. Jeff quickly got right to the essence of each of us as though he had known us personally for years! With this information, we were able to work through some current and potential pitfalls in the office. That alone was extremely valuable.

Needless to say, the Hiring MRI also helped us to know what we really needed in the next front office person... and we soon used it to identify that individual. I will never hre an employee without having them take the Hiring MRI again.

Untitled-2I was STUNNED at how accurate it was!

Jeff’s personal debrief on each report you run is invaluable.  Save yourself a lot of headaches and use the Hiring MRI.”

eric-blundy“I heard other doctors raving about it, so I gave it a try.  

Awesome! It saved me stress, time and money. I won’t hire without it.”